The Profile XT is a multi-purpose “Total Person” assessment that is used for selection, development, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. It is a powerful and dynamic management tool researched, designed, and developed to be job related. This tool addresses a multitude of human capital issues and provides insights for effective resolutions.

The Profile XT is much more than an assessment. It gives a customized Job Match patterns, suggests relevant interview questions, yields a percentage match when comparing a candidate to your top performers, provides a detailed positive analysis of the individuals you assess, and can provide thousands of "experienced" Job Match Patterns for use in developing individual specific patterns.
Measures: The Total Person
bullet Thinking and Reasoning
bullet Behavioral Traits
bullet Occupational Interests

Time To Take: Less than 60 minutes
No administrator or proctoring required

Used For:

bullet Placement
bullet Promotion Fit
bullet Coaching and Self Improvement
bullet Succession Planning
bullet Job Description Development

Administration: Internet and/or Paper/Pencil

Customizable: Develops Job Match Patterns by:
bullet Company
bullet Position
bullet Manager
bullet Geography


bullet Individual Report
bullet Placement Report
bullet Succession Planning Report
bullet Candidate Matching Report
bullet Coaching Report
bullet Job Analysis Report
bullet Summary Report
bullet Graph Report

Scoring: Internet

View Sample Profile XT Placement Report


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