The Executive Network™ (TEN)

To support the CEO’s and business owners in their leadership role, The Corporate L.I.F.E. Centre International (CLCI) facilitates a forum called “The Executive Network” which acts as a peer advisory group and networking association.

TEN™ offers members the unique opportunity to:
bullet Discuss with the facilitator on an ongoing basis the key business issues and needs of the organization
bullet Undergo an annual organizational health check which identifies gaps in the strategy, design and culture of the organization and provides solutions for strategic business improvement
bullet Step back from day-to-day business pressures and meet monthly in a Board Room environment to focus on the bigger picture
bullet Discuss key business issues in a constructive and highly interactive way, sharing ideas and personal experiences for the benefit of the group
bullet Provide and receive invaluable feedback from a diverse group of business owners belonging to a wide variety of industries
bullet Review their strategic and business plans once a year with their peers who provide very useful perspective and insight
bullet Develop a good understanding of each others business and key challenges being faced by one another
bullet Meet outside business experts who are regularly invited to these meeting to present the latest tools and techniques needed to run the businesses
bullet Discuss fresh perspectives and new ideas with subject matter experts that help members solve problems, explore new opportunities and implement positive change in their companies
bullet Share the best management practices on select topics which are researched and presented by CLCI

TEN offers members a unique blend of business resources and personal support to help them meet the challenges faced by CEO’s.

TEN is primarily focused on increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEO’s.

TEN Members’ will have a preferential access to a wealth of CLCI’s products and services.

TEN meetings are organized as follows:

bullet Each group has up to 12 members and an independent CLCI facilitator who chairs the meetings
bullet Meetings are normally hosted in rotation by the members’ at their place of business
bullet 10 meetings are scheduled per year plus a retreat in summer and Christmas social in December
bullet Meetings are of 4-5 hours duration based on members’ consensus.
bullet Meeting are scheduled for the entire year in advance to ensure a high level of member’s attendance
bullet Meetings have a flexible but organized format

Each TEN meeting is conducted on the following pattern:

bullet Lunch and Networking
bullet Business, Economic and Environment Scan
bullet Business Updates by the members’
bullet Strategic or Business Plan Presentation by a member
bullet Best Management Practices or Guest Speaker


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