3D Assessment™ - Board Performance Assessment

  • 3D Assessment™ assesses the overall effectiveness of a Board of Directors from two standpoints: (1) their ability to work together and (2) the degree to which they are in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley-related governance best practices and other board related imperatives.
  • This Board of Directors’ assessment is designed for public, private and non-profit organizations. It quickly identifies how the organization performs against the latest governance best practices.
  • The assessment is completed by board members and indicates how they are performing in critical areas of board governance.
  • The specific areas covered within the assessment include: Composition, Committees, Board & CEO Compensation, Strategic Planning, Board Procedures, Board Interaction, Board Information and Board and CEO Effectiveness.
  • It has been developed utilizing primary and secondary research and this assessment reflects the latest in governance best practices. In addition to a series of comprehensive charts and tables, the complete set of reports features a ``Board Performance Index`` and ``Report Card``.

Organization Health Check

As a business leader, one of your highest priorities would be to find out how well are the key elements of your enterprise aligned. CLCI is delighted to provide you this valuable insight by offering a proven well-researched and well-designed online assessment.

  • Is your organization ready and able to implement the strategic direction you have chosen?
  • Are all your resources fully aligned to ensure success?
  • Do you know what your organizational strengths and weaknesses are in Strategy, Design, Culture and Execution?

Our Organizational MRI (Management Resource Index) provides you with in-depth insights that will answer these questions and contribute to the improved performance and results you seek.

Executive Summary of Strategic Performance Comparison

What to expect from an Organizational MRI

  • Easy identification of the best opportunities for strategic performance improvement.
  • These assessments clearly illustrate management and employee alignment and answer the question: Are the senior managers on the same page and to what degree are your employees engaged and committed?
  • Clearly laid-out information that:

  • Develops a top-to-bottom, results-oriented implementation process for strategic plans.
  • Identifies areas of weakness and vulnerability.
  • Gathers unbiased input from people at all levels in the organization.
  • Benchmarks strategic performance index against over 4,000 global best practice organizations.

Key Deliverables

  • A detailed assessment report that provides graphic and numeric data.
  • Expert consulting support to guide analyses, understanding and action plans to address:

  • Misalignment of key resources
  • Gaps in organizational design and culture
  • Existing capabilities and constraints
  • Defining the critical next steps to improve the organizations Strategic Performance capacity

CLCI’s Organizational MRI can benefit your organization and provide you with the actionable data you need to improve strategic performance and achieve better results.

Model: The underlying framework of the assessment is the Organizational Dynamic Model (ODM) which is based on best practices research conducted in conjunction with Anderson School of Management at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and Pepperdine University. 


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