Implement your Strategy throughout the Organization

Implementing the Strategy is the third stage in Creating a Strategy-Focused Organization

Implementing strategy is as critical as designing it. The Senior Leadership Teams of most organizations do a great job of  Designing the Strategies and Translating the Strategy into Balanced Scorecard, but they are less enthusiastic when it comes to Implementing the Strategy.

In failing to move the strategy from the boardroom to the backroom and to the frontlines of daily operations, these organizations fail to reap the full harvest of their efforts because of shoddy / half-hearted implementation.

In their latest book "The Execution Premium" Robert Kaplan and David Nortor highlight that companies using a formal system for implementing strategy consistently outperform their peers who fail to operationalize their strategy. Companies need to develop a comprehensive management system to ensure an explicit link between the strategies and daily operations. They also need to address two key questions: Which business process improvements are most critical for executing the strategy and How to link strategy with operating plans and budgets.

CLCI provides a comprehensive and integrated management system to help clients overcome difficulties and frustrations that many Senior Leadership Teams experience when attempting to implement the strategy.

CLCI consultants coach and facilitate the Senior Leadership Teams through the three critical steps of strategy implementation outlined below:

Step 1: Align the Organization to the Strategy

CLCI helps the all divisions and units within the organization to link their strategies with the corporate strategy designed by the Senior Leadership Team. This linkage creates alignment and synergy across the organization.

Step 2: Make Strategy Everyone’s Everyday Job

This is about linking every employee to the business unit and the corporate strategy. This is also about making everyone in the organization understand strategy and be motivated to help the organization achieve its objectives.

Step 3: Make Strategy a Continuous Process

This is about continually reviewing and researching internal and external conditions periodically / every year to learn of new opportunities, threats and competitive conditions that may need a strategic course shift.

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Translating the Strategy into
Balanced Scorecards
Implementing the Strategy  
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Strategic Workforce Plan
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