Align the Organization to the Strategy

This is about linking every employee to the Division’s /Department’s or the Corporate strategy. This is also about making everyone in the organization understand strategy and be motivated to help the organization achieve its objectives.

CLCI helps the all Divisions /Departments within the organization to link their strategies with the corporate strategy designed by the Senior Leadership Team. This linkage creates alignment and synergy across the organization.

CLCI Leads the Senior Leadership Team in making Strategy part of the everyday job of the operational and other staff throughout the organization, by taking the following actions:

a: Creating Strategic awareness through continuous communication

CLCI believes that communication is not a one-time event regardless of well it may have been handled the first time it was made. Therefore CLCI helps:

  • Develop buy-in to support the organization’s vision / strategic direction, mission

  • Introduce the concept of BSC as a strategic performance management system to:

    • Understand strategy

    • Understand individuals’ contribution documented in Performance Management Process

    • Single planning platform at the center of governance process

    • Measure results with accountability/commitment

  • Explain how employees will benefit

  • Encourage employees to adopt the concept

b: Conducting Information Campaign

  • Develop buy-in to support the organization’s vision, mission, strategic goals

    • Develop an understanding of strategy

    • Get commitment to execute

  • Reinforce:

    • What will change (understand strategy, measure results)

    • What will stay the same (accountability through Operating Plan)

  • Give direction as to what to do next

    • Governance process

    • Assigning responsibility for initiatives

    • Integration into Performance Management/ Appraisal Processes

c: Providing on-going feedback

  • BSC, Operating Plan and Business Plan should use the same bases

  • BSC should not create a new reporting or communication infrastructure or bureaucracy

  • Communicate as part of existing planning processes (Op Plan, Business Plan)

  • Use as the format for initial communication and discussion of “new” strategy

  • On-going accountability, cheer leading and performance feedback

Typical compensation schemes involve multiple tiers of performance

  • Corporate incentives align employees and business units to Corporate Goals

  • Business Unit/ Departmental incentives reward all employees when they achieve their Business Unit/Departments Balanced Scorecard targets

  • Local incentives reward individuals when they achieve their personal targets.

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