In today’s knowledge-based economy, value is created through organization’s intangible assets; i.e. the skills, competencies and motivation of employees. Traditional Human Capital Development (HCD) practices are insufficient in these turbulent times. Organizations can no longer depend on external resources entirely to develop their Human Capital. There is a critical need for organizations to expand their internal Human Capital Development capacities.

The Corporate L.I.F.E. Centre International Inc. has partnered with 360 Solutions and The Centre for Organization Design to provide an integrated set of human capital development programs, each of which has been created to address specific individual or organizational needs. Our objective is to provide business leaders relevant best management practices dealing with the challenges facing innovative and growing enterprises. CLCI consultants have successfully facilitated these programs and assisted organizations in bridging the skills and competency gaps during the last 5 years.

These are well-researched, comprehensive and in-depth “people development” programs which increase the effectiveness of leaders, managers, staff, business units, departments and teams across the entire organization to drive the business results. The programs listed below ensure continuous learning and constant performance improvement necessary for creating High Performance Organization.

  1. Communication

  2. Time Management

  3. Diversity

  4. Change Management

  5. Effective Supervisory Skills

  6. Empowering Performance

  7. Skills for High Performance Teamwork

  8. Principles of Partnership Selling

  9. Career Builder

  10. Developing High-Performance Teams

  11. Assessing Your Organization for High Performance

  12. Developing a High-Performance Strategy

  13. High-Performance Leadership

  14. The Trust Factor

  15. The Powers of Persuasion

  16. Principles of High-Performance

  17. Customer Service

  18. Emotional Intelligence

  19. Core Skills

  20. Speaking for a Lasting Impression

  21. The Transformation Model

  22. Positive Impact

  23. High Payoff Hiring

  24. Corporate Coaching

  25. Conflict Management

Designing the Strategy  
Translating the Strategy into
Balanced Scorecards
Implementing the Strategy  
Creating and Implementing a
Strategic Workforce Plan
Creating Learning Organizations  
The Organizational Audit  
The Executive Audit  
The Executive Search  
The Executive Coach  










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