No organization, no matter how great the vision, will become a High Performance Organization and stay there without increasing the depth of its management.

Building a High Performance Organization is not easy as CEOs are often too busy or distracted to focus on people especially the executive team. The most critical steps in the process of building High Performance Organizations are leadership and support from the top levels of management.

Does the executive team have the depth and strength to support the CEO and develop the subordinates to execute successfully the organization’s strategic objectives?

CLCI has developed a program called The Executive Audit™ that not only assesses the executive team’s key strength but also identifies performance gaps and provides relevant teaching and coaching to build a High Performance Organization.

The Executive Audit™ program includes the following modules:

  1. Identification of corporate strategic objectives

  2. Review of organizational design model and alignment

  3. Discussion of roles and responsibilities

  4. Assessment of executive depth and strength

  5. Development of teaching and coaching program

The Executive Audit™ program uses the following assessment tools to assess executive depth and strength:

  1. Profiles International Team Assessment

  2. Profile International’s 360 Degree Third Party Feedback

  3. Profile’s Organizational Management Analysis

  4. Inscape-DiSc’s Dimensions of Leadership Profile

  5. The CLCI Leadership Practices Inventory

  6. The Prevue Corporate Coach Profile

Designing the Strategy  
Translating the Strategy into
Balanced Scorecards
Implementing the Strategy  
Creating and Implementing a
Strategic Workforce Plan
Creating Learning Organizations  
The Organizational Audit  
The Executive Audit  
The Executive Search  
The Executive Coach  




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