1. Realize individual strengths and development needs based on feedback from a variety of sources.
2. Prepare strategies and a personal action plan to increase leadership effectiveness.

Learning Tools:
  • Organizational Diagnostic
  • Self-assessment/360 Degree Feedback
  • Learning Programs
  • Follow-up and Accountability

                      Agreement: Outline scope, timeframe, parameters and expectations.

Module One         
Assessing Your Organization for High Performance
1. The Transformation Model
3. Business Environment
5. Core Processes
7. Systems
9. Opportunities and Plans
2. Current Results
4. Current Strategy
6. Structure
8. Culture

Module Two
1. Prevue Corporate Coach Profile: A plan to understand yourself and others
2. Dimensions of Leadership Profile: An approach to understanding effective leaders
3. Coping and Stress Profile: Understanding relationship stress
4. Time Mastery Profile: Increasing personal productivity.
5. 360 Degree Feedback: Analyzing perceptions of performance.

Module Three
High Performance Leadership
1. Principles of Leadership
3. The Five Leadership Roles
5. Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
7. Empower Others for Success
2. Empowering Leaders
4. Personal Productivity
6. Performance Expectations

Module Four
Charting Your Course: Challenge & Discovery
1. Building Trust
3. Face-to-Face Communication
5. Emotional Excellence
7. Conflict Resolution
9. Setting Performance Expectations
11. Team Decisions
2. Creating Teams
4. Effective Meetings
6. Taking Responsibility
8. Empowering Employees
10. Time Management
12. Winning Relationships

Module Five (Optional)
Self Mastery: A Plan for Personal Success
1. The Integrity Model
3. Embrace Reality
5. Clarify Your Vision
7. Act with Integrity
2.   Conquer Your Key Moments
4.   Exercise Responsibility
6.   Define Your Purpose
8.   Value Who You Are

                      Note: A four-six month commitment is required to complete The Executive Coach program.

Designing the Strategy  
Translating the Strategy into
Balanced Scorecards
Implementing the Strategy  
Creating and Implementing a
Strategic Workforce Plan
Creating Learning Organizations  
The Organizational Audit  
The Executive Audit  
The Executive Search  
The Executive Coach  


















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