Transforming the Nature of Your Organization

Twentieth century structures and processes will no longer serve the needs of twenty-first century organizations. The growing challenge of Organization Design is learning how to adjust strategies and internal operations to the rapidly changing business environment.

Through The Organizational Audit™ program we help your business change the very nature of how it operates by aligning internal structures, processes, and systems to strategy, while adjusting to the demands of the external environment.

CLCI helps clients to:


Verify the organization's strategy.


Identify key business unit groupings


Map ideal core business processes


Design core work teams


Identify and allocate unit support resources


Design the management structure of the organization


Design coordination and development systems


Plan the transition and implementation of the new design


The length of The Organizational Audit™ is based on the size and complexity of the organization. It can be completed in a single intervention or spaced over a period of several weeks or months. The Organizational Audit™ format will be tailored to fit the needs of the organization.

The process is creative and extremely hands-on, as we develop the template and roadmap for your organization's success. Involving the key managers in the intervention is critical if effective organizational change is to be achieved.

To support the change process, we recommend conducting two organizational assessments prior to The Organizational Audit™. These are:

1. Enterprise Strategic Performance Assessment: CEO Report
2. Leadership Performance 360 Assessment: Management Report

Our assessment process is based on a proprietary business model:


By dividing organizational disciplines into three core drivers, Strategy, Design and Culture, The Organizational Audit™ provides a sensible cross-functional structure to evaluate business performance.

For more information on The Organizational Audit and other programs and services please contact The Corporate L.I.F.E.™ Centre International Inc.

Designing the Strategy  
Translating the Strategy into
Balanced Scorecards
Implementing the Strategy  
Creating and Implementing a
Strategic Workforce Plan
Creating Learning Organizations  
The Organizational Audit  
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