With the pending retirement of the Baby Boomer generation and the challenge of having more jobs available than people to fill them, Workforce planning is now a more important element in any company’s Strategic Planning process. Knowing the current make-up of the workforce, knowing the current engagement of that workforce, having succession plans and maximizing each person’s productivity is needed for every company regardless of size.

CLCI in partnership with Profile International Inc. offers a proven process for companies to use to:

  1. Get a picture of the make-up of their current workforce

  2. Determine the engagement of their workforce

  3. Examine all the elements needed to improve the performance and productivity of their workforce to allow companies to be proactively prepared for the reality of what is happening in today’s business world.

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Evaluating the Current Workforce

The Process:

CLCI collects all relevant information on your current workforce / employees. This compilation requires discussions with the client’s management. The compiled data provides a focus for improvement in productivity and increasing individual performance as well as providing the information to identify a means of getting more top performers.

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Strategic Workforce Performance Development Methodology

The Process:

STEP 1 - Understanding Employee Fit/Compatibility

In most cases there are two elements to a person not performing to the maximum in the job:

  • Fit with the job

  • Interface with their supervisor/fellow workers

STEP 2 - Understanding Motivation and Stress, Conflict Behaviors and Adapting to Change

All people develop a “style” in interfacing with their supervisor and fellow employees. For many, that style is a natural extension of who they are. For some, role playing is involved and for a few, the style is dictated by the job, the surroundings or the supervisor.

Knowing the style of a person is important in day-to-day job performance. Knowing how a person reacts to stress, both short-term and long-term is needed because often people’s style will change in reaction to stress.

STEP 3 - Optimizing Working Relationships with Their Direct Supervisor

Job performance tends to have two basic reasons for top performers: Fit with the job and compatibility with one’s supervisor. Too many people today, for a variety of reasons, have some conflicts with their supervisor. Knowing what, why, and how to address these situations will have extraordinary positive effects on job performance.


STEP 4 - Optimizing Working Relationships with Work Teams

Teamwork may seem like an overused expression, but it tends to be something companies always talk about and need improvement with. Increased synergy among teams and team members always results in greater productivity.

STEP 5 - Optimizing Leadership Skills

Leadership improvement for current and future leaders and managers is critical both for today and in analyzing future needs. All companies need a process for continuous improvement of their existing leaders and managers as well as the development of people for the future as part of their Succession Planning. Many managers want to know, "How am I doing compared to others at my level?"

The Strategic Workforce Planning methods, particularly as in the use and application of assessments, are facilitated by CLCI. Working together, you can expect significant improvement in the productivity of your workforce.

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CLCI’s mission is to help our clients transform their businesses to High Performance Organizations (HPO™).

High Performance Organizations must hire and develop High Performance employees to manage the increased complexity of today’s financial world, changing workforce structure, changing customer demands and new merging technologies.

CLCI offers a detailed recruitment program to help organizations recruit, reward and retain the best people. CLCI will help develop a process of on-going employment evaluation targeting all areas of employment including selection, coaching, training and management performance.

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Case Studies and White Papers

CLCI Strategic Workforce Planning Strategy

CLCI Strategic Workforce Planning Methodology

Fit - Compatibility

Conflict Behaviors, Motivation and Adaptability

Employee Engagement

Team Optimization

Leadership Skills Optimization

Designing the Strategy  
Translating the Strategy into
Balanced Scorecards
Implementing the Strategy  
Creating and Implementing a
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