CLCI Resource Library

The Corporate L.I.F.E. Centre International’s (CLCI) mission is to help our clients transform their businesses to High Performance Organizations (HPO™).

As a resource to support CEO’s, business owners and CLCI clients in their leadership roles, the Resource Library provides a wealth of relevant articles, reports, case histories and best practices summaries. These articles address a wide range of key business issues and challenges being faced on both a national and international level by businesses of all sizes.

The content of the Resource Library are articles which have been distributed in the past few months to CLCI’s clients. The library will be updated on a regular basis with relevant articles and clients will be informed accordingly.

The categories under which the articles in the Resource Library will be filed are as follows:

10: Political, Environmental and Social

10: Political, Environmental and Social

12: Business Cases and Bios

13: Beyond Business (Health, family, wealth and well-being)

Each category will have an index of the articles filed by topic and date, and there will be a comprehensive alphabetical index of all articles in the Library indicating where they are filed.

CLCI welcomes submissions from our Clients of articles that they believe will be of interest and value to others in any of these categories. Over time, if new categories are of growing interest, they will be added, or conversely deleted if categories are seen to be redundant.

CLCI welcomes suggestions as to how the Resource Library may be made even more valuable to all our clients