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Most communities have coalitions working to address the many facets of the opioid crisis.  Many are making progress on some topics, but most realize that they would benefit by gaining additional resources and having open access to details about activities producing results in other communities across the country.  Get what your coalition and entire community NEEDS by joining us on 3rd quarter of 2018.


InsightFormation is offering a highly-interactive program to help coalitions everywhere take major steps forward and not only begin to have a greater impact, but also be better positioned as a high-performance coalition when it comes to winning competitive grants that will be issued by provinces as the new opioid funding is released.

The Community Coalition Accelerator Program includes several steps to strengthen your coalition, speed up progress, and improve your results. We make it easy! Read below to learn how this program will work for your community:

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  • The Local Host will help coordinate the logistics for their community’s program and InsightFormation has developed and organized the high-impact content. The core of this program is the one-day Community Workshop in 3rd quarter of 2018. World-class instructorswill be simulcast live to interactive Community Workshops all over the country where local participants will be working together on their development/refinement of their own opioid strategies. The Local Host’s main duty is finding a location for the Community Workshop event, and scheduling Post Workshop meetings including topic specific webinars and with our professional consultants, which is all included in the one initial fee.
  • As low as $2,000 covers the cost (early bird special pricing) of bringing a high-impact workshop to 100 participants from organizations across your community.   That’s right, for the the cost of sending one person to a typical national conference, you can have 100 people participate in this national workshop to gain resources, training & free continual access to the Opioid Coalition Resource Hub to improve collaboration & outcomes in your community.  Of course each community will differ but many will find a sponsor (such as a hospital, mayor’s office, or local health department) to fund the event, or perhaps each participating organization can pitch in to cover the cost.  Then all you need is a venue, each community will need a space to gather for the event.  If lunch & refreshments are to be made available communities have the option of charging a small fee (to cover lunch or facilities fees) or seeking out a larger donation from a sponsor so participants can all attend at no cost.
  • Once funds are secured, the next step is spreading the word. You will receive a customized web page and registration for your Community Workshop event. We will help you manage and communicate with all registrants before the event. Introductory materials will be provided to & may be sent via email to inform coalition members & other stakeholders about the event.  This information will give context for the agenda & activities to occur on Workshop day.
  • On Workshop day, participants will gather at the designated location provided by the Local Host.  Participants will see simulcast training sessions and collaborate on developing or improving key parts of the community/coalition’s opioid strategy. The workshop does not spend time defining the problem, we all are very aware of the issues.  Rather the focus is on accelerating progress on the solutions by sharing tools, ideas and techniques on specific topics.  During the workshop, participants will be split into Tracks for small-group work sessions. As community partners work on a specific topic, they will learn about resources and techniques that can then be used in other parts of their comprehensive community strategy in the future.
  • In the weeks following the Community Workshop, 5 Webinars will be broadcast to each community.  These Webinars will be on new topics about tools and resources you can use for your strategy.  This will provide opportunities to talk with even more stakeholders. The Webinars are only available to communities who take part in the Coalition Accelerator Program, however, they will be recorded for you to re-watch or share with your partners or individuals in the community.
  • As you have had time to work with community partners, there will be Coaching Sessions done for each of the five tracks via webcast. This enables teams working on similar topics from around he country to share what they are planning to do and what they have done. Each community will also receive a customized Coaching Session led by professional consultants to assess progress and/or help define next steps.

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