Career Establishment Services

Traditional hiring practices have changed; the way employers search, recruit and hire talent have change drastically in Canada; this requires a different approach

Career Establishment Services - CES

  • For those prospective immigrants who are in the final stages of their immigration paperwork and will be moving to Canada shortly, finding a job is top of their mind.
  • Do not wait till you arrive in Canada start now get ahead, line-up interviews soon after moving. You can now initiate the job search processes prior to landing in Canada.
  • When you are looking for the best-fit job in your new home, you need to deal directly with experienced Talent Advisors. CLCI has experience in recruiting in online media marketing and couching in the Talent Acquisition field.
  • Getting a head-start in your job search can give you the much require edge over others who are coming to Canada to enter the job market. These services can be obtained virtually from anywhere in the world.

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