The Corporate L.I.F.E. Centre International Inc. (CLCI) was incorporated as a consulting firm based in Greater Toronto Area. CLCI has been operating in Canada since 2003 and internationally since 2005.

CLCI’s mission is to help our clients transform their businesses to High Performance Organizations(HPO). We work with the client’s senior leadership team to identify gaps in the organization’s strategy, design and culture and provide solutions focused on strategy and its implementation.

CLCI is a market leader in creating High Performance Organizations by offering a holistic and integrated process that ensures the achievement of an organization’s strategic goals. Our Integrated Performance Management (IPM)methodology is based on the premise that organizations can successfully reach their full potential by transforming into High Performance Organizations. The key to our success is the well-defined and proven methodology, process, tools and facilitation techniques we use.

CLCI consulting services focus on four key business disciplines:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement and Management Systems (PMMS)
  • Talent Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Over the years CLCI has been highly successful in helping organizations create the strategic direction and translate the strategies into operational terms for execution. We work with the senior leadership team to clarify and validate the strategic direction, implement the proper Performance Measurement and Management Systems to guide the execution of strategies, and ensure that the right talent is in the right place to execute successfully.

CLCI uses the Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard to translate strategies into operational terms. The strategy map and balanced scorecards are the backbone of the entire planning process which ensure in continuous business growth, significant improvement in operations and increased customer satisfaction. They provide the vital link between vision, mission, values and critical success factors on the one hand and measures, targets and initiatives on the other.

Under Talent Management, CLCI provides competency-based management solutions to support the achievement of the strategic business goals by having the right people in the right place at the right time

CLCI also provides support for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to ensure clients have the capability to protect enterprise value by managing all types of business risks in a coordinated and systematic manner across the organization.

To support the CEO’s and business owners in their leadership role, CLCI has established a forum for the Chief Executives called “The Executive Network™” (TEN) which acts as a peer advisory group and networking association. TEN offers members the unique opportunity to step back from day-to-day business pressures, take a more global perspective and focus on the critical issues of running their business.

Our Strategic Partners

What Our Client Say

Elvira Rago


It was a genuine pleasure for me to work closely with the CEO and Partners of CLCI. I am honoured to say that CLCI taught me many skills that I use today. CLCI offered me flexible working hours when required which was extremely important allowing me to tend to my children when required.

Managing projects for CLCI, there is no doubt that this organization can handle stressful and complicated projects with high levels of intelligence and understanding of their clients delivery true quality work and meeting all client deadlines.




As a fully-qualified and highly experienced Training Consultant, I have worked with a number of associate training organizations over the years, and with CLCI for the past five years, and I certainly rank them as one of the very best.  Why is that?  Well, it comes down to three things for me: high efficiency; total reliability; and an interesting variety.


Farhad Sethna

Vice-President, Corporate Services - Shepherd Village Inc.

With CLCI’s assistance, we were able to stay focused on achieving our strategic objectives.
I would strongly recommend CLCI to organizations who require assistance in the creation of a strategy.


Larry Tomlin

MBA; FCPA, FCMA; CIM; C.Dir​ - Tomlin Financial Group

Mansoor, the President of CLCI is an accomplished professional who has earned the respect of myself and of many of our mutual professional colleagues.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with Mansoor and CLCI on several successful consulting projects, both locally and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  His strong work ethic and consistent professionalism were an asset throughout.