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The core of the Accelerator Program is a 6-hour workshop in 3rd quarter of 2018, simulcast to a live event in your community. The Workshop is designed to have 40-100 people from many different sectors and organizations learn new ways of working together and learn about valuable new tools (most of which are free) that can help them advance key parts of a comprehensive strategy to address the opioid crisis. This is not just hour after hour of lecture.  This workshop is highly interactive as the locally gathered participants work in different group to learn about practical steps they can take in their community and actually develop 30-day and 90-day work plans.


The workshops include live training, simulcast by Bill Barberg and other expert instructors, to many communities at the same time, small group sessions, simulcast breakout sessions for people who may not be attending the local gathering, and exercises that help the participants learn the new tools and techniques.

Instead of just repeating facts about the problem, the Workshop will focus on solutions and practical steps, including:

  • Practical ways of enhancing community teamwork and harnessing underutilized community assets to support existing efforts
  • Speeding the adoption of low-cost, no-cost and self-funding innovations to expand the overall community response to the opioid crisis
  • Using the new Opioid coalition Resource Canada (proposed).
  • Using cutting-edge on-line tools to manage, measure, and communicate both plans and progress of Collective Impact efforts
  • Understanding innovative ways to get the money and resources your coalition needs

See the schedule and a detailed description of what will be covered in the workshop here

Who Should Attend?

A local sponsor takes the lead

The local host has the responsibility of organizing the event, we provide all of the resources necessary to succeed.

Learn more about hosting this event for your community

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