Our Strategic Partners

The Corporate L.I.F.E.™ Centre International has partnered with the following organizations that support our core values and promote and embody these values in everything they do.

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Excelerate is a management and HR consulting company offering support for achieving excellence faster to organizations in association with The CLCI Canada in Middle East and South Asia.


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Service Quality Institute is the global leader in helping organizations keep customers, build market share and improve the performance of the entire work force by developing a culture of delivering superior customer service.

Since 1972 SQI has been helping organizations build customer driven work force. Too many Middle East firms have too many employees, too many under performing employees and too many policies and rules that inhibitgreat service.

John Tschohl is a “customer service guru and service strategist.” Visit their web sites

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Pinnacle Performance Company is global training company based in the USA with overseas offices and operations. It specializes in Performance Based Communication Skills training. Pinnacle has provided workshops in over 20 countries. Pinnacle was awarded the “The World Human Resources Development Congress award for Vendor Innovation in Learning and Talent Management”.

Pinnacle has meshed the performance delivery techniques that have helped make actors and performers more engaging and credible for hundreds of years, with the business communication skills needed to succeed and influence at every level of an organization. Leveraging an exercise driven, building blocks approach, the Pinnacle Experience teaches participants how to first understand the objective of their message and how they want their audience to react and respond. Then we teach how to understand the INTENTION that needs to be conveyed in order to achieve that reaction. Finally, we teach them to align their words, voice and body language to achieve that intention when delivering their message to elicit the response you want from your audience, regardless of the content or setting.

Pinnacle differentiates itself from other communications and presentation training companies as follows:

  • Performance-Based Communication Skills – Practical, confidence building and extremely effective skills that are usable immediately.

  • Detailed Focus on Delivery – Leveraging extensive video analysis to dissect the communication skills of the participants, our customized, step-by-step program utilizes interactive exercises to align words, voice and body language so participants achieve the desired reaction from their audience.

  • 3-Stage Customization – Our 3-Stage Customization process designs and tailors each workshop, module and exercise to suit specific needs. The result is a unique and innovative experience packed with practical, dynamic simulations and personalized for each participant. No matter the form or forum, our sessions provide a customized environment in which to immediately combine your content with Pinnacle’s techniques.

  • Pinnacle-Certified Instructors – Pinnacle instructors do not freelance-hence, their focus, passion and expertise are never diluted. Due to the large amount of customization each workshop demands, our instructors must be masters of the Pinnacle Method™. This ensures our people are among the most dynamic and effective trainers in the industry today.

  • Focus on Retention – Pinnacle offers a detailed, 3-step process for retention, featuring training takeaways, web-based refresher tools and follow up Retention Sessions. The Pinnacle Customer Portal grants participants exclusive access to their training videos, ongoing support and an evolving, ever-increasing library of downloadable tools, tips and guides.

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Resolver has over 10 years experience as a recognized leader in GRC Management and provides organizations with Governance, Risk and Compliance software solutions that create efficiencies and simplify results.

Resolver make it simple for companies to effectively mobilize people to address Business, Risk and Compliance issues proactively and to demonstrate and document these efforts to internal and external stakeholders. Resolver adds value by replacing informal, unreliable, expensive or inflexible systems with easy to adopt and easy to use solutions. Their software solutions proudly support over 300 top brand companies in over 100 countries where they provide expert systems to ensure that boards and executives meet their oversight and assurance goals.

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PROFESSIONALS are a leading Human Resources Development solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their mission is to enhance the competencies of their clients to realize their professional and personal potential through innovative and customized quality solutions.

They serves their clients through the following centers:

  • Management / Corporate Training Center

  • Management Consulting Center

  • Languages Center – Cambridge English Academy

  • Assessment and Recruitment Center

  • Professionals in collaboration with CLCI have recently established a new business unit focused on:

  • International Certification Programs

  • Executive Development Programs

  • Executive Retreats

  • High Level Forums / Seminars.

The offerings by this new business unit leverage Professional’s vast corporate network in the Kingdom and CLCI’s international collaborations with renowned professional bodies and extensive team of experienced consultants, practitioners and certified trainers from United Kingdom and Canada.

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London Metropolitan University is recognized as a Centre of Excellence by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) for the quality and flexibility of its CIPS programs

Profile Internationals:

is the world leader in selecting and developing high-performance workforces through innovative human resource management solutions and the offer a comprehensive suite of employment assessments that help companies gain a competitive advantage by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent

360 Solutions:

is recognized as one of the leading provider of employee training on hundreds of corporate training topics that can be tailored to solve company’s performance challenges, support organizational development, and meet specific business goals

TTI Performance Systems:

is a world leader in personal and professional assessment tool which offers solutions to effectively measure values, personal skills and sales ability